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MKIV Ocean


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Head foils are single groove. …

Head foils are single groove. You’ll notice they are much thinner than our last line of cruising-oriented furlers. These are plenty strong, but less ‘tree-trunkish’.

Foils sections are much easier…

Foils sections are much easier to put together now. We designed them to be put together on the dock by anyone. No more connector wedges. Just two plastic connectors. 2 screws and some red Loctite®.

Aluminum line guard, torque tu…

Aluminum line guard, torque tube and swivels are deep-saturation hardcoat- anodized to stand up to abuse from arrant anchors.

Line guard top is composite, n…

Line guard top is composite, not metal. We don’t do this to take cost out. We do this because it’s just plain tougher. No dents.


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